Free Google Ranking Through Strategic Social Media Engagement


I remember when Ingenuity Media’s first real client received a sales call from the Yellow Pages. She just started her business and was only just scratching the surface of ranking in Google / Bing / Yahoo, and this telemarketer understood this. Their phone conversation lasted way longer than it probably should have and, once over, she made her way to my office just across the street.

I remember this like it was yesterday! My client stormed into my office, sat down next to me, looked straight into my eyes and said “these mother f**kers want to charge me $600.00 to rank me on Google… I need you to do better.”

Since Ingenuity Media was the third business I launched from scratch, I TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD where she was coming from! New businesses, especially start ups, rarely have the time or the liquid capital to spend on necessities like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Turns out, my client was already pretty savvy in her own right and had everything she needed for Google to recognize her content as viable already in place. There was only one small exception - she forgot to optimize her business’ Facebook Page!

My client’s business was ranked in Google for nearly ten (10) keywords due to her tinkering with registering her new website in the search engine(s), our partnership in discovering all the relevant / searchable keywords that were geo-centric to our location here in Central Pennsylvania, and, you guessed it, her consistency of posting on her Facebook page.

There was, however, a few keywords she simply could not get her website to show up for. I mean the tenth page of Google Search results would not even have her, it was so extremely saturated!

This is when I gave the following advice on how to better optimize my client’s social media presence, and it literally made all the difference, saving her over $600.00 in the process:

  • Include your top two - three keywords you want to rank for in your page’s title

    • This is extremely important! Every single time you post new content on your Facebook page, those keywords are being associated with your brand.

  • Posting three (3) updates per week is preferred, one (1) post per week minimum

    • Consistently posting new, fresh content with your desired keywords (both in the page’s title and the post’s content body) gives Google a very good reason to believe that you should be ranked for those keywords!

  • STOP BEING TOO SALESY, share other people’s content, and really engage

    • By sharing other pages’ content and not always posting stuff you want to sell, you begin to be seen as a community and/or a resource, not just a digital storefront. The more traction your page receives, the more Google recognizes your content as desirable, the higher you ultimately rank!

By utilizing these three simple strategies, my client was able to FINALLY RANK ON GOOGLE for every keyword she was targeting, and she was able to accomplish her goal in just under two months (which is exceptionally fast for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Save your money. Be strategic in your social media engagement and watch your digital brand grow without the need for the Yellow Pages.