All of the things you want your website to be, right? Ingenuity Media specializes in Template Based Website Design through an intimate utilization of services like WordPress and Square Space. By partnering with these platforms, we have been able to cut costs while remaining Central Pennsylvania's top competitor in Website Design, passing all of the savings to our clients!


Everything from installing a donation button to your charities' website to a fully interactive storefront, Ingenuity Media can offer your organization a completely automated, digital storefront that is seamlessly integrated into your current website or the website you hire us to build.


Your website is built, your E-Commerce is fully integrated. Now what? Who is going to maintain your website, update it, keep the content flowing and service it? Well, Ingenuity Media is more than willing to offer all of our Website Design clients a monthly Webmaster service for one monthly flat rate!

GRAPHIC DESIGN - logo design

We have exclusive rights to countless stock images and videos, many of which were created by us! This means we are ready and willing to use our resources to keep your online presence relevant and looking professional at a fraction of the cost! What would normally cost thousands, with Ingenuity, would only run pennies on the dollar!


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Tyrone Area Historical Society

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Prestige Facilities services

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Exposed Grafix

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